AdmKart App Privacy Policy 

User is requested to READ terms and conditions CAREFULLY BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER.
User is the person, group of person, company, trust, society, legal entity, legal personality or anyone who visits mobile app or gives missed call or places order with AdmKart via phone or mobile application.

AdmKart reserves the right to add, alter, change, modify or delete any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior information. The altered terms and conditions becomes binding on the user since the moment same are unloaded on the app AdmKart.

AdmKart is in trade of fresh fruits and vegetables and delivers the order to home (user’s desired address) directly ( Safer And Securely ).

That any user who gives missed call/call for order on any number published/used by AdmKart, consents to receive, accept calls and messages or any after communication from AdmKart for Promotion and Telemarketing Purposes within a week.

If a customer do not wish to receive any communication from AdmKart, please Email NO OFFERS to admkart@indesignsolution.com

AdmKart accept orders on all seven days and user will receive the delivery next day from date of order placement, as we at AdmKart procure the fresh produce from the procurement center and deliver it straight to user.

There is Minimum Order value of Rs. 100. There are no delivery charges on an order worth Rs. 299 or above. In special cases, if permitted, order value is less then Rs. 299/– , Rs. 10 as shipping charges shall be charged from user.

AdmKart updates the prices on daily basis and the price displayed at our app AdmKart, at the time of placement of order by user he/she/it will be charged as per the price listed at the app AdmKart.

In the event, though there are remote possibilities, of wrong invoice generation due to any reason, in case it happens AdmKart reserve its right to again raise the correct invoice at the revised amount and same shall be paid by user.

At times it is difficult to weigh certain vegetables or fruits exactly as per the order or desired quantity of user, hence the delivery might be with five percent variation on both higher or lower side of exact ordered quantity, user are hereby under takes to pay to AdmKart  as per the final invoice. We at AdmKart understands and our endeavor is to always deliver in exact quantity in consonance with quantity ordered but every time it’s not possible but AdmKart guarantee the fair deal and weight to all its users. AdmKart further assures its users that at no instance delivery weights/quantity vary dramatically from what quantity ordered by user.

If some product is not available or is not of good quality, the same item will not be delivered and will be adjusted accordingly in the invoice; all rights in this regards are reserved with AdmKart. Images of Fruits & Vegetables present in the website are for demonstration purpose and may not resemble exactly in size, colour, weight, contrast etc; though we assure our best to maintain the best quality in product, which is being our foremost commitment to the customer.

All orders placed before 11 PM in the Night will be delivered next day or as per delivery date chosen.

All the Icons, Trademarks and Images belongs to their Respective Owners.

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